Emil Keen Award

The Emil Keen Award is presented to a member whose lifetime contributions and involvement to the Association exemplify leadership, commitment and dedication to further the goals of the housing industry. Many previous recipients have been members of NVBIA for 30+ years and given tirelessly of their time and resources. Without these amazing dedicated individuals we would not have been able to accomplish what we have today.

Douglas Fahl    2015

John Stokely  2013

Mark Granville-Smith  2011

Mike Erkiletian 2009

John Heller 2007

Ken Thompson 2005

Louis V. Genuario 1999

Myron P. Erkiletian 1998

William H. Lauer 1997

L. Randolph Williams 1996

F. Gary Garczynski 1995

Frederick Kober 1994

William L. Berry 1993