Getting Started


  • Use the Register link under Mentoring Option in navigation menu.
  • Activate your account with the link in the registration confirmation email.
  • When registering you will be asked to provide a Username and Name for your Profile Details.  These fields can be seen by Everyone.  DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME IN EITHER OF THESE TWO FIELDS IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS WHILE USING THE NETWORK.


  • Use Login link under the Mentoring Option in Navigation Menu.


  • Here is a link to the network Member Guide with some basic instructions on using your Profile:  Member Guide


  • Here is a link to instructions for sending public and private messages to Mentors and other members: Messages
  • Members can conduct private messages between themselves and Mentors to conduct anonymous communication when desired.
  • To Message a Mentor, go to the Mentors page and click on the Mentor’s username.  This will take you to the Mentor’s page.  Click the Public Message or Private Message button on the Mentor page to create and send a message to send to them.
  • To Message another Member go to the Member’s page and click on the Member’s username.  This will take you to the Member’s page.  Click the Public Message or Private Message button on the Member’s page to create a message to send to them.
  • To Message more than one member or mentor in a message you must create a Friend Connection with them or send the message to a Group you have joined.


  • Members can create their own groups by clicking the Create a Group link in the Groups section of their profile.
  • Groups can be public, private, or hidden depending on how they want other members to be able to find and join the group.
  • When creating a group a member can also choose to attach a Forum to that group for bulletin board discussions among the group.
  • Also when creating a group a member can invite any Friends they have connections with.


  • As mentioned Forums can be created for any Group a member creates.  The Group admin is the member who created the Group and they can add topics to the Forum and send invitations to other members.
  • All other Forums and Topics are created by NVBIA.

Member Connections:

  • Members can make connections with other Members by going to the Members page and clicking the Add Friend button next to the corresponding Member.
  • Members can connect with Mentors by going to the Mentors page and clicking on the Mentors username.  This will take them to the Mentor’s page.  Click the Add Friend button.
  • One advantage to making member connections is the ability to include multiple members in a message that you are connected to.